Charanjit Chana

West London based web developer

PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript

About Charanjit

I am the Team Lead, Senior Web Applications Developer and ScrumMaster at Hornbill for the Service Manager application. I build web applications and SEO friendly websites. I have a passion for good UI & UX.

I love gadgets and have fallen in love with photography again. I prefer to work with Mac OS X, but am equally comfortable working with a PC. While I enjoy working with modern browsers, I've had the pleasure of supporting Internet Explorer all the way back to IE5.5 and IE 5 for Mac too!


I'm a full stack LAMP developer, working on both the front and back end. I write object-oriented code and work with PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. I enjoy working with MVC frameworks, using CodeIgniter as a base for back-end code, and have recently started working with AngularJS. More than happy to work with and without jQuery and enjoy writing OOCSS using the LESS and SASS CSS frameworks. Bourbon is pretty cool and source control rocks!

I'm a trained ScrumMaster and believe in TDD. Happy to get my hands dirty when it comes to server administration and Apache configuration.

Work & experience

Through my career I've worked for Sky, Monkeehouse, Clever Little Design, XM London and Newsquest.

I've worked on websites and applications for clients like Maharishi, uSwitch, Leader of the House of Commons, SaBRE, Malaria Hotspots, Platinum Guild International, Harvey Nichols, Dan Tobin Smith, Morgan Lockyer, Elsevier, Evian, Ogilvy, MEC,, Staggerin, IFSL and The City UK.

My time at Sky included working on apps like Sky MailSwitcher and websites such as Angela & friends, Sky Arts, Sky News International, BSkyB Pensions and The Cloud/Sky Wifi.


Below are a list of projects I'm involved with, helping small businesses out in my spare time as well as maintaining a few personal projects.

Charanjit on Flickr

Charanjit on Flickr

Social networks

You'll find me across various social networks @cchana. Here are a few that I use most often:


For any enquiries, please feel free to send an email to [email protected]